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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

WIP Wednesday - at last!

It has been ages since I have had time to write a WIP Wednesday post. I have spent a lot of this month working on UFOs.
First was the Pear Pincushion I was given at Quilter's Paradise (who are closing their doors! Dang!). They do laser cut fabric and this little pincushion was one of their projects. It was a freebie on the shop hop a few months ago.
It took me about 2 hours. I still have a lot of work to do sewing curves. Finishing the bottom was interesting. I had to fudge it. Good thing it sits on that part. :)

 Just hours after I finished it, it disappeared. We finally found it about a week and a half later in my boys' room where Littlest Miss had taken it.

While my moms were here for the baptism, we went to Fat Quarters Quilt Shop, where I got the sashing fabric for my Beginner's Quilt Along blocks. I hope it will pull all those crazy purple fabrics together. The plan for today is to get the fabric cut so I can start sashing those blocks.

 Another UFO is the Very Hungry Caterpillar Quilt. After one cutting hiccup, it should be smooth sailing, since it is just borders and cornerstones. I do have to rip one border side off, as the seams at the corners did not meet, and then put it and the last side on and it will be ready to quilt.

I made my pioneer skirt and bonnet.

And I also made Littlest Miss an apron in 35 minutes to put with her pioneer dress to kind of finish the look for Trunk or Treat at the church Saturday night. I used a sheet we had in the Halloween box for ghost costumes. It made the ties a little thick, but it works.

I made this spider hat for pack meeting crazy hat/hair night. It is my regular beach hat with plastic spiders from Target on it attached with glue dots and thread.

 And last is some altering I need to do. I bought a box of clothes from Wittlebee and hated all of them (long nasty story). I can't get a refund or exchange so I am going to do some de- and re-construction on some of them. Others are just getting donated.

This shirt looked cute at first glance until....

 ...I pulled it out of the box. What the heck? Bat wings. It looks really weird on. The "wings"  hang down the sides of her legs.  Littlest Miss refused to model either thing I am altering. I will cut out the wings and attempt to sew it straight.

This dress is okay, good color for her, although we don't do sleeveless at our house. But then I put it on her. It is one of those bubble skirts that seems to be all the rage, but I think are UGLY. And it looks really odd on her, the way it hangs. 

I will be ripping out the elastic that is between the green and turquoise fabrics and putting a regular hem in.

 I will try to get before and after pictures with the clothes on the girl. :)

That is all for now!
Have a good one!

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  1. I like the spider hat - wouldn't have thought to do that. And yay for working on UFO's. I haven't been working on much. Need to get my rear in gear :)