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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Wonderful Watermelon and Wally

My Mother in Law has been working on matching watermelon quilts for her 4 granddaughters and she finished them up last month and delivered them when she came for my son's baptism.

They turned out beautifully!


The cool backing fabric has watermelons too!

Cute little ants on the pinwheels and binding.

The Wally quilt is done!

This one has been around a while too. See a previous Wally post here and here and here. I finished the top in July of 2010. Here are the various stages that were documented. The fabric is from Wal-Mart which is why it is called the Wally quilt. It is not great fabric but actually washed up more nicely than I expected.

Pieced top, needs borders

Ready to quilt

We had acquired a free Grace quilting machine and used the Wally quilt to test it out and practice our quilting skills. I only did a little bit of quilting. My mother in law did the majority of it. The machine lives at her house.
We used the templates and also did free motion quilting.

And now it is all done!

It has a scrappy binding.



  1. A FREE Grace . . . lucky you. Those are some fun quilts!