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Friday, March 15, 2013

A little of my home life: Cub scouts

Last night J had his first Blue and Gold Banquet which was combined with the Pinewood Derby. He was finally awarded his Bobcat that he earned back in December as well as his hiking and tennis belt loops. It was a lot of fun. For dinner they served enormous pizzas (probably at least 30 inches), with salad and lemonade. For dessert they had Car/Driving themed treats: cupcakes and peanut butter bars decorated with MnM stop lights, and little candy bars with teddy graham drivers and MnM wheels.)

Text reads:
J had his first pinewood derby.
He named his car razor after the dog we used to have and the scooter brand.
He won 2 races and took second in one race which gave him second place overall.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Crib Bumper Pad Makeover

My Brother-in-law and Sister-in-law are expecting their 3rd boy in March. Last week my Sister-in-law asked me to help her make over the crib bumper pads for the new baby. She sent me a tutorial link with photos of what she was looking for. It was really cute and looked pretty simple, even though the tutorial was not terribly clear.
We went fabric shopping at Jo-Ann's Friday, then spent yesterday pressing, measuring, cutting and sewing. It really was easy, once we figured out that all the sections of the bumper measured a little bit different. Once the sections are pieced, just sew them into a big tube, leave the center section open on one side (this was my Sister-in-law's brilliant idea, rather than use the end and have a long tedious stuffing session) pin the ties in place and sew it up. Put the old bumper minus the ties inside, match up the old seams with the new ones and pin to secure them. Then stitch the opening shut. Then she secured each section with a little bit of stitching in the center of each seam to keep it from twisting in the wash. I think it turned out fantastic and she did a great job! (She claims to be bad at sewing but she did fine.)

Here are the before and after photos.
(Sorry about the weird colors in the after shots. We had daylight for the before shots, but after dark, the lights in my house give everything a yellow cast.)

Crib Bumper Before

Crib Bumper After


Monday, November 28, 2011

Everyone has been sharing about their Thanksgiving so I decided to share mine too. This is the post from my private family blog.

 We have had a fun, busy week. The kids had the entire week off school.
Monday was just a hang out, relax, read and watch movies day.
Tuesday, some wonderful friends offered to take us to Legoland on their buddy passes so the boys and K and I went and spent most of the day there with our friends and the kids' cousins and Aunt. (M had a Young Women's activity at her leader's house so she chose to do that instead of Legoland.)
K and C check out San Fransisco.

San Fransisco has some beautiful houses!

T, J and K meet some aliens.

A dragon, a dragon, I swear I saw a dragon!

Joust on Sir J!

K has a flower souvenir from Legoland.
K was telling me the colors on the turkey J made at school.

Wednesday I spent the day making pies and rolls and things and trying to keep kids out from underfoot (and being cranky as all get out). Normally I let them help with feast-y preparations, but this time I was doing 2 new pie recipes, French Silk and Pumpkin that required a lot of attention to detail, so I nixed the helpers this year. The kids played and read and watched more movies. (I got to leave in the evening to watch Robin and the Seven Hoods with my girl friends, which helped a little with my irritability.)

Pumpkin Pie (Cooks Country)

French Silk Pie (Cooks Country)
Thursday, I was still ornery, so I put the turkey in, and then hid in my room until time for Thanksgiving dinner.
Our feast was delicious and the company was great.

After a while, we had some more friends join us for pie night and games.

12 Pie Night pies

The pies we had were Banana Cream, French Silk, Lemon Meringue, Cherry, 3 Dutch Apple, Cherry Cream, 2 Pecan, Buttermilk, and Pumpkin. We also had Pumpkin cake and little pumpkin tartlets, plus ice cream and whipped cream on the side. The kids played and then watched Tangled, and the grown-ups played a bunch of games. It was a very fun evening.

This morning (Friday) we did NOT hit Black Friday sales, just stayed home and relaxed and ate leftovers. This afternoon we went out to the tide pools to do some exploring. We saw quite a few Sea Stars, and a couple of crabs and Daddio even got to see a small octopus (that is not him holding it in the picture). K fell in one of the deeper pools and was drenched. She didn't seem to mind much after a while even though the wind was chilly.


Sea Star hiding under the rock.

Sea Star who did not want to let go! (Those are rocks it is holding)


Four Sea Stars, (the kids said it was a family.)

You can see how big they were.

K thought this tiny Sea Star was a spider when I showed it to her and stomped on it. I think it was okay though.
The little octopus

Tonight Daddio is going to play games with the guys and we are going to bed.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween pictures

Baby likes the Halloween pillowcase/treat-bag and her Abby book.

The big kids showing off their spooky costumes and ready for some treats.

On the hayride.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

June is here!

Yesterday was a great day. We had family pictures taken (for free!) and had a fun time with my in-laws swimming, grilling, and even a little sewing. I finally have my fabric for my Sherbet quilt, again thanks to my mother in law donating from her stash. I couldn't have found a better match in the store. I have plans to do strips with a random block here and there for fun. I may re-name the quilt in her honor since ALL the fabric came from her stash and she cut or helped me cut most of it. I also borrowed her small quilting frame, so as soon as I get the backing done and buy some batting I can get busy quilting. I guess I need to start thinking about what design to use on it.