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I am Amy, but here on the web I go by A.J. Dub. And hey, I like to craft!
Sometimes things turn out well so I will share with you how I did it.
Sometimes they don't turn out well and I will share that with you too!

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Cheater Cherry Cobbler

Cherry Dump Cake (Easy Cobbler) 

1 box white or yellow cake mix 
1 cube butter, Very cold (melted does not work as well, but you could do that if you like.) 
2-3 cans cherry pie filling 

Heat oven to 375ºF.
Pour Cherry filling into a 9”x13” baking pan.
Spread cake mix evenly over pie filling. (Lumps are fine.)
Chop butter into small pieces and sprinkle over the cake mix.
Bake at 375 for 30 minutes or until golden brown.
Cool until just warm. Serve with vanilla ice cream.
* Alternatively, use a pastry cutter to cut the butter into the cake mix, then dump over the cherries.

Friday, March 18, 2016

March Along Progress

We are a little over halfway through the month, and since weekly check-ins for March Along have not happened, a halfway point check-in seemed like a good idea.

I did very well for the first 2 weeks, but week 3 I got very busy with life. Between kids events, job interview, church stuff, school volunteering, doctor appointments, dance lessons and then getting sick with the Flu (I think), I was just tired out! Sewing did not appeal.

I am still sick, so I think today I will just read my newest Block magazine for my 15 minutes.

Here are some of my efforts this month.

Pieces cut for making a "Farm Girl Vintage" quilt block.

First round of fabric choices for the quilt pattern test.

Squares cut for quilt pattern test. The light where I sew is not good for photographs. See the photo below for truer colors.

Scraps from the quilt pattern test. They look very different in this light. It is pretty true to the real colors.

Diaper clutch made for a neighbor of my mom's.

Shirt appliqued with a little shamrock for St. Patrick's Day.

St. Patrick's Day outfit with a  rosette on the headband  and an appliqued shamrock on the shirt.

2 of 6 rosettes made for St. Patrick's Day. These went to teachers to pin on their shirts.

Drawstring bag made to carry a camping sleep-mat. Later it will house my yoga mat.

Throwback - when I was a kid, I took clogging lessons. I have recently started taking them again with my sister. It is quite fun and funny. We laugh a lot!


Monday, February 29, 2016


Hello and welcome back to me! Haha!
 Blogging is not on my radar at the moment. Instagram (follow me) and Facebook are my connections to family and friends these days.
But, March is here TOMORROW! How did that happen?
In March, I join in with the Scientific Quilter to "March Along" and sew for 15 minutes every day. Which means the blog is going to get a little bit of action for weekly check-ins.

I have a couple of goals for this March.
 1- Learn to load my mom's quilting frame so I can get going on finishing some tops I have.
 2- Work sashing and cornerstone blocks for my Thangles Buck a Block quilt.

Not much but it should be enough to fill my 15 minutes a day.

Feel free to March Along too!


Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Personal Update

I thought it might be time for another update, since it has been a few months.
We took a trip to Utah this summer for a family reunion over the 4th of July holiday.
When we got back home, my husband suggested that maybe it was time for a change. He proposed moving up to Utah to be near my family. He was fairly certain he could get a job in the Lehi area (Silicon Slopes as they are calling it).
After prayerful consideration, it felt like the right thing to do. Telling the kids was hard. Our older 2 had made good friends and went to really good schools. There were a lot of tears and refusals to move. Eventually they all came around more or less.
 We gave our 30 day notice on the house we were renting and started the house and job hunt in Utah.
We packed up and headed to Utah on Sunday the 23rd of August. We arrive Monday at my parents house and stayed with them for a few days while we found a house. We had planned on living up in North Utah County but none of the home we looked at felt right. A last ditch hunt in Spanish Fork, where most of my family lives (and was not even on our list of cities), brought us to a great little house that we were able to rent.
Triston went back to CA to finish out his job there, and I got us settled and got the kids into school.
He spent about 2 weeks away and then came back on the 12th of September. We were all very happy to have him back.
He started his new job yesterday and so far so good.
It has been nice being by family and the transition for me was easier since this is my hometown and I more or less know where everything is, even though the town has grown tremendously since I last lived here. Had we moved farther north, it would have been more difficult.

I have sewn a little bit and made a few cards since we have been here. It is really nice that I have space in this house to leave my sewing machine set up.
 We still have tons of stuff boxed up and various useful items are still missing, so I try to spend a little time each week unpacking and sorting.
Today though, after a quick snooze, I think I will be cutting fabric for a pouch class I am taking with my daughter and mom at a local quilt show in Payson on Saturday. We cut my daughter's fabric first, so she is set.

I think that is all for now. Have a  great day!

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Catch up from February and March 2015

This year has been a busy one and a rough one. Personal issues, a really bad school year for my kindergartner, family life in general, and lots of extra curricular responsibilities have overwhelmed my ability to write and post anything significant. Perhaps the coming months will be different. I am going to make an effort to make them so.

As I have said in recent posts, Instagram, Facebook and a little bit of Twitter and Flickr have been where my sharing has happened.

So once again the next few posts will be summary posts of the last few months as far as my crafting goes.

I have thoroughly enjoyed having access to my rather large rubber stamp collection and have made a handful of cards for various occasions and people. Almost all of them are "cased" cards, meaning I copied a layout or color combo or both to create them.

I also made these for the ladies I visit teach for St. Patrick's Day

This first one was a test bag for Schlosser Designs. You can find the pattern for purchase here: Chopsticks Tote

I made this and then filled it with crochet hooks, yarn and instruction books for our Young Women's Camp fundraiser silent auction.


 I spent a day playing with my Hex n More ruler from Jaybird Quilts and this beautiful fabric I won a while back. I only got as far as cutting a few blocks worth.

 I also made some more Personal Progress book folders for the incoming 12-year-olds.

I worked on quilting the robot quilt, trying to get it finished up before the baby turned 2.  I quilted the pink and yellow using some of the decorative stitches on my Brother machine.