About this blog

I am Amy, but here on the web I go by A.J. Dub. And hey, I like to craft!
Sometimes things turn out well so I will share with you how I did it.
Sometimes they don't turn out well and I will share that with you too!

About Me: TMI

So you are curious to know more about me huh? Well you came to the right place. You are about to get more info than you probably want. Now is your chance to abort.

Still here? Well then, read on.

I am a gal in my Early 40s, married to a pretty darn awesome Texan and we have 4 pretty darn great kids (all of whom are native Texans). We moved from Southern California August of 2015 to the middle of Utah County, Utah and still have dreams of living on acreage where the kids can run amok without bumping into the neighbor's house.

I grew up in this same small town in Utah, where baseball was the big sport and football was a close second unless it was July and then it was all about the rodeo. I was the second oldest of 5 children. I took sewing and cooking in Junior High and was mediocre at best. I was not athletic and did not participate in sports, but I did enjoy Social Dance (though I was quite awkward). There was just one high school (which I did graduate from) and I could tell you the names of 98% of the kids who went to my school. I was a singer of sorts back then, singing alto in a private choir from about 3rd grade until I graduated from high school. I worked my first part time job at a pizza place and loved it. Oh yes, I forgot, (silly me) and I know you are wondering, since I am from Utah, if I am Mormon. Yep.

I went to a small college in another small Utah town, for 3 semesters (about a year). I started making scrapbooks then and have some interesting pages from that time. I did not excel at college, so I went to work in New Jersey as a live-in nanny. I did that for a year, and six months into that we all moved to Texas and at the end of that year I met my future husband. I pursued him until he caved and proposed to me and we were married in 1997. We lived in Utah for less than a year, then moved to Texas. I kept scrapbooking on and off and was also introduced to stamping with Stampin' Up! and D.O.T.s (which became Close To My Heart). About 2 years into our marriage we had our first child, and about 2 years later our second. We moved back to Utah for an 18 month adventure going back to being poor college students,  which is where I really, really got into stamping. We came back to Texas when I was pregnant with child #3 and not too long after he was born I started selling stamps for Stampin' Up!. I enjoyed that for a while but after a move north, business took a nosedive so I dropped out. I started doing digital scrapbooking which was fun and a much less expensive hobby. I also got involved in a preschool co-op which I did with my youngest for the 2 years before he went to kindergarten.
In late 2008 we were surprised to find out I was expecting again. Around the same time I was getting nudges from family to look into quilting. I made my first quilt starting January from 2010 fabric donated by my mother in law. I got a nice mat and rotary cutter set for my birthday in 2010 and then dove in headfirst, checking out books from the library and researching quilting and history of blocks online. I  have finished several quilts now, and have several tops finished.
I love to read and enjoyed the book group we had through church.  I still do digital scrapbook and various paper crafts but right now my hobby is pretty much sewing, bags and quilts being my favorite projects. I used to use blogginh as a journal of sorts, though I have not been good at keeping up in the last couple of years. I also love to take pictures, though I don't have a nice camera.
I am learning the need to balance out my personal activities, as I very easily get consumed by them and neglect everything else.

I am a pretty poor housekeeper, but conversely I like things to be orderly and organized. I love to make lists and I love to use lists. I am not a good cook, but I do enjoy baking and trying out new treats. (Probably because I love sweets.) I like my food in general to be sweet. I don't like spicy food or fishy food, other than the occasional cod fillet. I like cherry or vanilla flavor added to my root beer and I love fruity lemonades. Chocolate is one of my favorite things, but usually it needs to be milk chocolate. Twix, Midnight Milkyways, and Riesens caramels are some of my favorite treats. I don't like my chocolate contaminated with nuts. But, I like honey roasted peanuts by themselves.

I love the color yellow, especially paired with red, which is my second favorite color. I like dogs and cats equally, but I don't want them in my own house. I love old music, big band jazz, swing, 50's, Beatles, Simon and Garfunkle, Air Supply, Josh Groban, Mormon Tab. Choir, John Denver, some country, movie soundtracks, some of the current Disney kid singers, the list goes on. My musical taste varies widely. I like fiction books especially historical fiction, but I also love Christian romance novels. Even the cheesy predictable ones. I also like mystery novels if they are not too gory and have minimal language and minimal adult stuff. I like some teen books as well, especially series.
My favorite movie is Thoroughly Modern Millie, with My Fair Lady being a close second. I admire Julie Andrews and it makes me sad I will never hear her live in concert.
I am supposed to wear glasses but don't and hate to wear socks. I have to be very cold and then I wear slippers too. I would rather be cold than hot. I also don't really like being touched by anyone outside my family, but I am working on that (since we all need a hug sometimes).
I like to camp but hate the coming home and cleaning up part of it. And I am a little scared of nature so I have to override my fears to enjoy the experiences. I am also very afraid of heights and speed, so skiing and roller coasters are not on my list of fun things to do.
 I am a quiet person, content to sit and listen to conversations rather than join in, though I do have my hot button topics. I am somewhat shy, but fiercely loyal, so much that you would probably have to commit murder and even then I would probably "be supportive". But really if you are my friend, it is probably for life, whether you like it or not. :)

I am a rule follower, so if we are out on the town and you want to jump the fence and swim in the pool after hours, count me out. I also don't do karaoke. Period. Once was enough, if you get my drift.

My biggest pet peeve is when people leave their shopping carts in random places in the parking lot. If I can walk my cart back to the cage with 4 kids in tow, so can you.

I have always wanted to go to Europe, especially Italy and Germany, and then maybe hop on over to England and Scotland. (I have ancestors from both places). I also want to visit North Carolina and Amish Country in Pennsylvania.
I have been to Mexico twice (if you count border towns :) ) and Canada twice, all with the choir.
I know Jesus Christ is my Savior and Redeemer and my religious beliefs are very important to me.

If you read this whole thing, then you are an amazingly nice and patient person. Thanks for your time! Feel free to ask any questions, even though you have my whole life in front of you already. :)