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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

WIP Wednesday

Edit: I am un-linking from the WIP Wed, cause I didn't really follow the rules. I will do better next week! But still go see what everyone else is doing!

While I haven't actually worked on my usual WIPs I got a fair amount of sewing done. Most of it I have already talked about.

Teacher gifts: tote bags filled with teacher-y goodies. I made 3. Two green and one red.

Hats/Vests: look how much "hair" those things left on my workspace (and me). This was after 2 cleanups and this is from just one hat.

A baby quilt for shower # 1. This is a quilt as you go strip quilt.  A fairly quick project if you need a gift in hurry as I did. I think I figured out, when all was said and done it was about 9-10 hours of work, from cutting to photo shoot.

These I made yesterday for Shower #2. The matching diaper clutch and changing pad. There is still a burp cloth or two in the works, but if they don't get done, I won't come empty handed. :) (Click here for tute).
I really enjoy making these. They are so useful! I use my clutch all the time, now that I don't need to carry a diaper bag. I need to make one to keep in the car. The only thing is that this time I did ties instead of elastic and as you can see the 12 inches called for in the tute was not enough. I can barely tie them. So next time, at least 16 inches I think, then I can cut them shorter if needed.

 This is one of my regular WIPs. The poor Supernova. Yes, it is still mostly fat quarters and things are even beginning to get put on top of it. It makes me so sad to see it like this, but I just have not had time to work on it.

This is not really a WIP, just a funny thing my daughter was doing while I sewed yesterday.  I have a bucket of markers on the half wall that separates my dining room and living room. She climbed up on the storage bin and would take the markers out, dump them on the bin and then put them back in. She lasted 15 minutes, until she heard me turn on the iPhone video camera. :)

click photo to enlarge

And completely and utterly unrelated to WIPs...

This morning, while writing this post, my 6 year old son helped himself to some ketchup on his scrambled eggs. About a cup of ketchup. On 2 eggs. I was a little ticked at first and scolded him pretty good, which made him cry, which made me think, okay self, it's only ketchup. So I apologized.
I scraped some of it into a cup for him to use tomorrow. YUCK.


  1. haha! What is it with kids and ketchup? I think if I put ketchup on brussel sprouts my daughter would eat them. Love all your projects, you've got a lot going on! I see why your supernova has been lost in the shuffle.

  2. You can't go wrong with a strip quilt. A great result and a great gift. Cheers, Riel

  3. Very cute - I'm going to start following you too! I like your little pouch and the baby quilt! I'm going to be making one soon for my new grandson!

    I like your blog header!!

  4. Sometimes I think that my son would eat just ketchup all day if I let him! Glad to see he's not alone :) Lots of WiPs this week, wow! What a lovely strip quilt, I agree they make a great gift!

  5. LOL, what is it with kids and ketchup - if my older one finishes her french fries before her ketchup is gone, she insists that she needs a spoon so she can finish the ketchup. Your strip quilt is so cute, great job on a quick finish! Thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday. : )

  6. Great gifts, i am sure the recipients will love them :-)
    LOL about the ketchup :-)

  7. That is a wonderful baby gift! All your other work is great too!

  8. I love the bag! I have faith that the supernova will get done, but in the meantime it is a nice container cover! Thanks for sharing!

  9. Aww poor little guy. I used to baby sit for a friend and there was only one rule, no crying. It breaks my heart.. Nice job on all your projects. I have a postage stamp quilt that now after over a year and finding the WIP Wednesdays I am finally working on it again.

  10. Ha ha. That's a good motto. It's only ketchup! Love all of your gifts. Great work!

  11. You have been so busy! I'm still in love with that strip quilt!

  12. WOW! You have been so very busy! All of your creations are wonderful :)

  13. what rules didn't you follow? To me you showed off all the beautiful things you've been working on - is it b/c they are finished??