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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

What I did today

Today I made this:

It is part of a costume for a church Jubilee. I have one more plus 2 vests to make. And I have to say, although, with apologies to the author, that was one of the worst set of instructions I have had to follow for a while. If  I had not had someone helping me via email and phone I would have passed it right back to the gal in charge to have her finish them. I am dreading making the second one.
And not only was the pattern screwy, the fabric was slippery and frayed like mad. My table, machine and shirt were covered with "hair" from this thing.
But, it is a cute little hat (even though this version is for a boy) and I have plans to rewrite the pattern a bit and make a cutie little hat out of cotton for my cutie little girl.


  1. You should share when you perfect the little girls hat!
    And I hate when you work a pattern that is confusing. Makes your project so much harder than it should be!! It's an adorable hat though - so you have a happy result! :D

  2. It looks pretty great, hopefully the next one will be easier!

  3. looks great! the next one should be easier. . .

  4. Sorry about the frustrating pattern and fabric but the resulting hat is adorable!