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Monday, April 16, 2012

Happy Birthday to me and mini quilt show for you!

My birthday has stretched out over a week and it hasn't even actually arrived yet!
Last weekend my sister and her husband brought their family and my mom to California for vacation and we spent 2 days hanging out with them. The kids got Easter baskets on Saturday and then we went to Fat Quarters Shop in Vista where I got a bit of fabric (a few fats of a walk in the woods and a couple of other things.) After that we went to lunch and Rubios and then to the beach for a few hours. After that, we picked citrus fruit at a friend's house and then went home for pizza and movie night. (War Horse - it was good but I was glad I read the book ahead of time.)
Sunday we went to church, then went to my husbands work to play with the robots. Then it was home for Ham dinner and some Star Wars movies.

Then this Saturday, I did in fact make it to Sewing Machines Plus to get my new spool pin and got some needles to boot. The shop sent me a $10.00 credit via email to use in their shop for my birthday! How cool is that!
Also for my birthday, my darling husband consented to escort me to the El Camino quilt guild's quilt show in San Marcos. It was wonderful! Here are some highlights.

Navy aand White 2 color quilt

Funny signs

A mini quilt collection created by the guild

For my pal Christine.I saw this and immediately thought of her.

 WOW, That is a lot of appliqued circles!

One of my favorites. Love the colors, love the visual effect.

Another favorite. This photo doesn't even come close to the beauty in person.

VERY cool Harley Davidson t-shirt quilt. The t-shirt pieces  are all cut out uniquely and appliqued onto the flame fabric.

I liked how the themed farbric was framed.

Soft subtle beauty.

This quilt had many dimensional elements. It was stunning.

A nod to my new neck of the woods.

I really liked this quilt made with repro fabrics. The lady who made it was hospitalized and this was her therapy. Oh yes, and that is me. ;)

A dimensional appliqued humming bird.
 There were many more that I loved, but I figure that is enough photos for one post.

Then, today I went to lunch with my buddies and received hugs and chocolate and brownies and girl talk and this:

 Yep. I'm from Utah and I love my fry sauce. Barry's in my home town and Arctic Circle have the best (IMO).
My sweet friend was in Utah a couple of weeks ago and thought of me and brought me a full size sampler set of fry sauce to enjoy! Pretty awesome birthday surprise!

Tonight my husband took my kids Target where they chose a new puzzle and a roll-up puzzle mat for me so I don't have to use my cutting mat anymore. Still not my birthday yet, but the kids could not wait. :)

If you made it this far, hooray for you! You rock! Have a good one!


  1. What a great post! Love all of the quilt show photos - I also really like the ring style quilt in yellows and maroons. Wow, your husband went with you? Super cool! Fry Sauce - what is it? So intrigued, please share what you put it on. Happy Almost Birthday. :)

  2. YAY for swimming quilts! Glad you remembered me!

  3. Happy Burthday Amy - hope you have a wonderful day to match all of the great things leading up to it. Those quilts are stunning. You sure have been having lots of fun :-) long may it continue.

  4. Yay for a week of your birthday! Loved all the photos - those signs were silly! Also...what is fry sauce? <.<