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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Goodies for me!

Last month my mother in law sent me a surprise in the mail. A rotating cutting mat (which I have wanted since getting my Strip Tube ruler), some scissors for snipping and InvisiGrip for my rulers. Awesome!

Then, while my husband and I were out shopping last week, we stumbled upon a cute NEW little quilt shop near us.

Click the image to visit their website, though it seems only the blog is up and running as of 12/14/11.

They had some Christmas things on sale and I loved the pillow they had on display so I bought the kit with my mad money. I hope to get it made before the year is done. ;) We shall see!
The shop seemed to have mostly traditional and repro(?) fabrics and homespuns, but even though that is not really my thing, I will probably go there when I need blenders and such.


  1. Yay for goodies for yourself! I can't wait to see the finished pillow!

  2. Good on you...sometime we need to treat ourselve