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Monday, August 23, 2010

Scrappy Charm Square Quilt

I have been working sporadically on a quilt that I am making with charm squares that I got from Jo-Anne's when I was in Utah. I love the colors and prints. I got all the blocks required for the pattern sewn together yesterday, but I think I am going to add my own touch to it and increase the size. I really don't know what I would do with a quilt this small. I am not terribly into putting them on tables or hanging them on a wall. Not yet anyway. :)

What I don't like about these charm squares is that they are pinked. I thought I would be fine with it. A lot of pre-cuts out there seem to do this. But as of last night, I hate it. I have issues with straight seams anyway, but the pinked edges made it way worse. I had a hard time remembering what was supposed to be lined up with what. So there are some crooked pieces in the blocks. And since it was purely for fun, I decided to leave them. A little crookedness never hurt anyone.

These blocks are not sewn together, just laid next to each other on the scanner.

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