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Monday, July 19, 2010

I got a sur"prize"!

I recently entered a blog contest and I WON! Wow! I know! How fun is that! So, yesterday, I got something fun in the mail from Emily at Piccadilly Peddlers. Here it is:

I know you are not thinking, "How did she get that great big door in that little envelope?" If only I had a new door. No, you are quicker than that, and you know what I got was the beautiful Vinyl lettering to go on the door.

Pretty right? Too bad my paint looks so cruddy. Kind of ruins the effect. I totally would have done touch ups if I had the paint, but I don't. :(

But I know that you have a great but bare door lookin' for some love! So go check out Emily!
at http://piccadillypeddler.blogspot.com/
or go directly to her ETSY SHOP and get one for your house. Or get something else cause all her stuff is super cute!

and don't forget to tell her who sent you! (sorry I don't have a discount to offer you)

PS One more thing. I was really nervous I would wreck it when I put it on, but it was very easy and her instructions are clear and easy to follow. So no worries!

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