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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Library bag

Friday night I finally got to work on my new library bag. I had been using inexpensive reusable grocery bags, but I wanted something a little more durable and of course, cute! So when I couldn't use the brown fabric I had purchased for the car seat covers, I decided to use it for my bag.

All I did was take apart one of the grocery bags, (gotta love that seam ripper!) measure all the pieces and then reproduce them in my brown fabric. It was very easy. I did measure one piece wrong, and hemmed it before I noticed, which made the sides not quite match up right. I just gathered the corners ever so slightly to compensate and it's fine. I am happy with it.

It is going for it's maiden voyage tomorrow, as I am picking up my book on hold, The Dark Divine, by Bree Despain. I don't really need a bag for just one book so I will probably get more so I can see how it works.
Who am I kidding. I never leave the library with less than 3 books and it is usually more like 10 (not including my kids' books.)

p.s. How do you like my "signature"? And remind me to tell you about blind hemming. :P

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