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Friday, July 8, 2011

Skill builder progress: Block 2(ish) Complete

So, I made block 2 in the Skill Builder series, but it is not in the fabric I am using for the Quilt Along. I actually made it with fabric for the Hot Wheels Quilt. My older 2 kids were going to be gone for the day so my younger son wanted to do something fun with me. It started out with us working together on his quilt and ended up with him playing games on the computer and me working alone on his quilt.
But at least we have a start, finally. We have had the fabric for ages and he has been asking me nicely for just as long to start.
I am going to make block 3 for this quilt too, in the colored fabrics.

Only one of the fabrics in this block were originally in the stack for this quilt. All but the solid white were pulled in to make this block. It started out as a checkered flag, then I decided to deviate and do the 9 patch from the quilt along. It turned out pretty good even though there is not a lot of contrast.

I will still be making this block in my other fabrics.  


  1. I really like the look of the black and white in the block!! Quite stunning.

  2. I like the subtle contrast from the different textures of the fabrics. Looks great!