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Monday, May 2, 2011

Some finishes and some to dos.

On Wednesday, I was freaking out a tad, knowing what I had committed myself to and what I had yet to finish. Well I am down to 3 things, the costume pieces, and they are due out on the 10th (I am pretty sure).
I am planning to do one a day and I should be fine. (Since I am posting this today, I will probably, maybe skip WIP Wed. at Freshly Pieced, unless I can link to this post?)
The other ones I had left were:

Baby receiving blanket, borders and back need to be pieced/added
Went from this...

 To this...

 It took me a good 5 or 6 hours on Saturday night to finish. I think it was around 12:30 a.m. when I was done. When I start them, I forget how long they take! This time I echo quilted the star. It looks pretty cool. This blanket puckered more than the others, not sure why though, maybe all the turning for the star. It took 6- 30" by 30" blankets to make one large blanket. It may have taken 5 for the other ones, but I messed up cutting on this one so I had to open my reserve package of blankets. (I keep forgetting to measure the finished blankets. Friends, if you have one, I would love the measurements!) They would use fewer blankets if the corners were not rounded. I think I am done using the blankets anyway. They are just not good enough quality. This one was already pilling by the time I was done, just from my handling it to sew it. Time to track down some fun flannels. I will miss doing the matching jammies and blanket sets though. :(

Sunday morning, 10 minutes before church I remembered I wanted to do a matching burp cloth too, so I whipped this puppy out. I used the Lapel Stick that I won from Felicity and it made an enormous difference! In the past, the cloth diapers stretch and warp and  basically go all over the place no matter how many pins I pile in. But this time, no sliding or stretching at all! And my hem stayed tucked under. Sweet!

Zippy purse swap: Fabrics and zipper are purchased cutting needs to be started.

DONE! Not showing this one until I know she has it. I don't think she reads the blog, but just in case. I will say I LOVED how it turned out. I tried a new flower technique that was fun and the fabrics were so pretty! It was hard to mail that one off.

Shop sample of Naptime baby quilt needs to be pieced (same pattern as Sleepytime, just an updated version.) 

I had finished the piecing on this one and the original plan was to give it back to the shop and they would put on the borders. But they were a little swamped, so I volunteered to do it. Borders go pretty fast if you don't have to miter corners or put in corner piecing.
It went from this...

To this...

They will be quilting and binding it.

Tumbler project needs to go somewhere?
This one just plain ran out of time. It was part of a project for the Quilt shop's blog that didn't work. (Yet) I still want to continue the project it just is not as urgent now.

I also finally got my 2.5" squares off to Thomas Knauer, although he may not need them now. But I told him I would send them, so I did.

3 out of 4 costumes need to be finished
2 vests, 1 hat and 1 week to do them. 


  1. WOW! You have been busy! I had never thought of using receiving blankets to make a full blanket - what a great idea and it turned out beautifully.

  2. Wow, you got a lot done! Love that naptime quilt, very cute!

  3. so i totally thought i was following your blog it seems i havent been. sad day. you sure do keep busy.

  4. I think the receiving blanket looks great! I love the green!