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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Personal Update

I thought it might be time for another update, since it has been a few months.
We took a trip to Utah this summer for a family reunion over the 4th of July holiday.
When we got back home, my husband suggested that maybe it was time for a change. He proposed moving up to Utah to be near my family. He was fairly certain he could get a job in the Lehi area (Silicon Slopes as they are calling it).
After prayerful consideration, it felt like the right thing to do. Telling the kids was hard. Our older 2 had made good friends and went to really good schools. There were a lot of tears and refusals to move. Eventually they all came around more or less.
 We gave our 30 day notice on the house we were renting and started the house and job hunt in Utah.
We packed up and headed to Utah on Sunday the 23rd of August. We arrive Monday at my parents house and stayed with them for a few days while we found a house. We had planned on living up in North Utah County but none of the home we looked at felt right. A last ditch hunt in Spanish Fork, where most of my family lives (and was not even on our list of cities), brought us to a great little house that we were able to rent.
Triston went back to CA to finish out his job there, and I got us settled and got the kids into school.
He spent about 2 weeks away and then came back on the 12th of September. We were all very happy to have him back.
He started his new job yesterday and so far so good.
It has been nice being by family and the transition for me was easier since this is my hometown and I more or less know where everything is, even though the town has grown tremendously since I last lived here. Had we moved farther north, it would have been more difficult.

I have sewn a little bit and made a few cards since we have been here. It is really nice that I have space in this house to leave my sewing machine set up.
 We still have tons of stuff boxed up and various useful items are still missing, so I try to spend a little time each week unpacking and sorting.
Today though, after a quick snooze, I think I will be cutting fabric for a pouch class I am taking with my daughter and mom at a local quilt show in Payson on Saturday. We cut my daughter's fabric first, so she is set.

I think that is all for now. Have a  great day!

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