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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Power cord wraps - SUPER SIZED!

Saturday night I got this text from my husband, who was at work: "How hard is it to sew two pieces of Velcro back to back?"
Since he works with a lot of heavy equipment my answer was: "Hmm depends on how stiff it is."
 (Actually it said "stuff" not "stiff" because it auto-corrected, but that is beside the point.)
I knew I could do it fairly easily because that is what the power cord wraps are.
He got home and I showed him the wrap and it was pretty much what they were looking for. We headed over to the office and took some measurements and a couple of hours later I had these.

The white one is one of the regular sized wraps. It keeps my sewing machine pedal cord all neat and tidy.
This is 2 inch wide Velcro.
Cutting measurements for these wraps are 21" long for the soft part, 6" for the ribbon (7/8 wide grosgrain) and 5" for the rough part. They were cut to fit exactly for a specific part. If you want to make these for large cords or hoses or whatnot, you can adjust them to fit your needs. You can refer back to the Cord Wrap tutorial for written instructions. (I have pictures taken for the tutorial, but have not had time to get it updated.)


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