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Sunday, July 20, 2014

The Laptop Bag

I finally finished the commissioned laptop bag. What a process! I haven't done that much math in a long time.
 I did not get complete pictures like I usually do because the week I finished it I was just too darn busy to do it. I snapped a couple with my phone to upload to Instagram after I finished but did not take any of the inside.

Final bag and test bag. The test bag was WAY too large.

The carrying bag is a messenger style, with an exterior pocket and an interior pocket and an adjustable strap There are lobster clasps inside that clip to D rings on the laptop sleeve to keep it from falling out.The flap has a magnetic snap to keep it shut. I did a gathered fabric accent on the front flap that matches the lining.


The sleeve has an exterior pocket with accordion folds to accommodate the laptop cord/power brick and a hook and loop tape closure. The zipper is open ended to allow the laptop to go in more easily  and has a hummingbird charm attached like a pull. The next time I make one I am going to try the zipper that wraps around the corners to go down the sides a little bit. There are D rings on the sides to allow it to be clipped into the messenger bag. I may make another strap to send for times when she might like to just use the sleeve.

I had intended to make a matching cord wrap, wallet and zipper pouch, but ran out of time. I may still make them and send them for fun.

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  1. Wow! This bag is amazing and has so many compartments! I love that hummingbird charm. Glad you took some photos :)