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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Fundraiser Bag

I whipped out this messenger bag in 2 days for a scout fundraiser silent auction on Saturday. I really love how it turned out, aside from an oops with the snap being too low.

I put a key strap inside using the same fabric as the interior pocket (now shown).

Fabrics are:
Floral and red dot: Milk Cow Kitchen (Mary Jane Butters for Moda Fabrics)
Blue: Essential Dots (Moda)
I used this tutorial: http://www.noodle-head.com/2011/03/once-upon-thread-tale-of-peter-rabbit.html,
but sized it up a little, added length to the handle for an adult, added pockets, magnetic snap and key fob. I did not do the pin tucks.


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