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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Thinking about sewing and more!

I am taking seriously a suggestion to write about thinking about sewing. :) I have been thinking a LOT about sewing, trying to get my brain to engage and process the math and steps needed to complete the commissioned laptop bag. I lay awake at night almost obsessing about the problems and how to solve them.

I am also contemplating just how to quilt the last part of the robot quilt.
Truthfully, I am ready for both of them to be out of here. I want to play with some new block patterns, and make my red and white mini quilt. But there is this absurd guilt and pressure to finish the gifts and things first.

I have been sewing a bit. I finally made part one of the laptop bag; that being the laptop sleeve that goes into the messenger bag. It turned out really nice even though the fabrics are not really my style.
I just need to figure out dimensions of the bag, since it will need to be a little deeper than I thought.

I have had a friend and her daughter over to sew a few times this last week and that was really fun. I showed off the nearly done robot quilt and the laptop sleeve as well as the little tablet sleeve I did to test out the lining for the laptop sleeve. And I made a bag I promised to a fellow Band mom to wear at games when we are chaperones. So there has been sewing. Just sitting down to document has felt difficult to do. But now that I am going again, hopefully there will be a steadier flow.
And I did do a few more photos of the cord wrap process with the fabric tab so I hope to get those up soon.
That's all for now.
Happy sewing!

PS I am now on Twitter and Instagram both as AmyJoDubya. I hope you will come find me! 


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  1. I know what it is like to feel like I have to finish something and really not want to. You need to give yourself rewards after finish milestones in the bag, e.g. Once I finish the flap, I can sew two X blocks.