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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Some projects during May-hem

I have been working on things here and there during "May-hem". The last month of school is always a little crazy.
I have been trying to keep my littlest miss occupied and she has wanted to make a Tooth Fairy pillow for a while. I saw a cute monster pillow on Facebook, posted by Erin Schlosser and it was a free tutorial on her blog. I showed it to my daughter and she loved the "robot" tooth fairy pillow. (We like robots around here; my husband works for a robotics company.) She chose fabrics, then she traced the applique parts and cut them out with some guidance from me. Then she sat on my lap and guided the fabric through the machine with a little more guidance from me. She drew the smile on and then I stitched across it. The most amazing thing to me was that she stuffed the legs. It was a bit hard and even I was frustrated doing it, but she stuck it out and did great! After I stitched the body together, she stuffed it and we put a little fabric heart in (like at Build-A Bear) and I stitched it shut. She LOVES it and sleeps on it instead of her regular pillow.

It has a little pocket for her tooth and a quarter from the Tooth Fairy.

 I have also been working on quilting the robot quilt. It is going well. The white is done and I am moving on to the yellow. I plan on leaving the pink un-quilted.


I have made some good progress on the laptop bag. I got the pouch mostly figured out other than I either cut the fabric too big or did the math wrong. It was HUGE. But that is an easy fix I think so I have one more test sleeve and a test bag just for sizing purposes and then I can get going on the real deal.

 I just had one teacher gift this year since my other 2 kids in school have multiple teachers which, I don't really do. I got my son's teacher an Amazon gift card and made a card and holder for it.

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  1. Fantastic job on all of it. Love the robot tooth fairy pillow. I love that Kara stuck to the task of filling the arms and legs on the robot. She has more determination than I do. The quilting on the robot quilt is lovely!