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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Welcome Gnome pillow complete!

I finished the Welcome Gnome pillow in time to submit to the Pillow Collective at Amy's Creative Side.

I learned a lot making this pillow, not the least of which is remember to stuff your pillow before you stitch it shut. :)

  I like how it turned out. I ended up using the red border fabric I purchased for it on the back and used a dot from my stash instead. I polled the fam and they all agreed it was the better choice.

I Scotch-Garded both this pillow and the star pillow I made to make it easy to spot clean them. This one especially needed it since it is not a cover but stuffed and stitched shut. I won't be throwing this in the washer.

Again, this pattern is from Schlosser Designs and can be purchased for a limited time HERE.



  1. I love this pillow! It would make me smile every time I saw it!

  2. I love this pillow. I love gnomes. My neighbor collects them and I am in the process of making it for her...thanks so much for the inspiration.