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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Mini Messenger bag: Take 2

A while back I made this little messenger bag for a friend using this tutorial at NoodleHead (minus the pin tucks). I liked the size of it, but wanted to make a few changes, like make the flap wider and longer.

 I had added pockets too, to the one I made for my friend but they went right to the seams and I thought they either need to be in the seam allowance all the way or farther away from it, so that was another thing to work out.

Another reason to make another was that my friend was asked by someone who liked her bag how much it would cost if I made another one for this friend. (I discovered while making the pattern again that it is a moot point, as the tutorial is for personal use only, so I can't even make one on commission.) In order to know for sure the cost, I wanted to start from scratch to get the cost of it from start to finish. Thread, needles, fabric, interfacing etc. Then time it to see how long it takes me from purchasing to last pressing.FYI, all said and done, it would be around $30 for materials (rounded up to the nearest dollar) and $40 for time (5 hours x CA minimum wage of $8p.h.)

 $70 for that little bitty bag seems a little crazy to me, but I passed along the info anyway. I also passed along the tutorial link, since it is a fairly simple bag to make. She may want to just make her own.

And having made it again, I still want the flap wider, I forgot to make it longer so that change still stands and the pockets seem to be ok, if a little small. I need to put it to use to see how they work.

I LOVE the fabrics (2 of which are from Bonnie &Camille's "Scrumptious" line), especially that stripe. I really want to go buy the rest of that bolt, but that is not an option.

I am going to enjoy this little bag, even with it's quirks.


  1. Absolutely love the fabrics! Cute bag. Quilting/sewing is an expensive craft - I don't think people realize. I know people who want me to make them a quilt, and just pay a small sum - and then I add up for them the fabric, batting, extras, and my time, and they are shocked! Some say okay, some just say no - either way is okay with me. :)