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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Tasty Tuesday: Best Brownies

Okay so I know I have found a fabulous brownie recipe already, but seriously, it is really expensive to make them. SOOO much butter! And even half a recipe produces a lot of brownies. And of course I am always game to try a new brownie recipe.
I came across this one on Pinterest. I can't find the actual pin because I forgot to "like" it and the board it was on had 1000+ pins. I got a little lost. :)
BUT I did click through to the actual post (which was here )so it was in my history. And they found it at AllRecipes.com.

 I prefer using the AllRecipes version, just because the frosting ingredients are separate from the brownie ingredients. Makes more sense to my brain. The recipes are the same.

My frosting looks a little funky because I mixed it by hand so it is not smooth. Tastes great anyway!

These are fudgy brownies, just my style and the whole family gave them 2 thumbs up. It makes and 8" x 8" pan of fairly thick, frosted brownies. This is a keeper!

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