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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Pillow Collective Entry

I tried paper piecing again! The pattern was at Amy's Creative Side as part of the Pillow Collective Blog Hop.

My pillow has no name and I am taking suggestions. :)

Here it is:

The back is envelope style and I did an overcast stitch along the edges inside to keep the unraveling to a minimum.

A couple of fabric choices I regret but I am not going to say which.

Bias edges in my blocks made for waviness and I had to look up how to put borders on correctly to fix it after 2 rounds of wavy borders. I was surprised at how changing how I put them on helped.

I used spray baste to quilt it and it caused me no end of grief. So many broken threads from gummed up needles! So, there is a lot less quilting on it than I had originally planned. I just couldn't take it anymore! :)

Making this pillow was good practice for a few skills and any project that turns out nice and allows for practice is a success.

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The Pillow Collective tutorial links are HERE.



  1. oh I LOVE your pillow. I'm really bad at naming things.... I'll be curious to see what you come up with!

  2. love that paper pieced block, and I really like your fabric choices :-)

  3. FABULOUS. Arabesque Alphabet????? That's a stab at it. Spinning Alphabet?????

  4. I love the pillow and the colors. Great paper pieced block!