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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Baby quilt progress!

After nearly a year, the baby quilt is finally making real progress. It took ages to just get the pattern sketched, then purchase fabric. I think I started actually making blocks at the end of November (2013). Then I got hung up on 2 things.
1: I did not like my fabric I had chosen to frame one set of the fussy cut blocks. It was not working in the layout like it did as yardage in the shop.
2: I made one pinwheel and it was too small by 1/2 an inch.

That brought me to a screeching halt.

I took the project with me on Christmas vacation hoping to get some help and/or inspiration. I didn't even take it out of the bag.

I got home and finished making the half square triangles and squaring them up, then set it aside for a couple more weeks. Last week I took the time to make half pinwheels (2 HSTs sewn together.) This afternoon, I finished up the pinwheels and then put everything out on the floor to see what inspiration hit.
What I came up with was:
Just use the yellow blocks and eliminate the green fabric altogether. But without those green blocks the quilt would be tiny.
So then I would to add a border to the yellow blocks using my backing fabric (UGH!)to make them bigger.
Then I would add a white border to the pinwheels, making them sort of float and making them the same size as the yellow blocks.

I needed a couple more yellow blocks to finish off the layout and I had just enough yellow to do it. IF I had cut it right that is. I stitched up two more blocks, added them to the stack and they were too small. I had cut the borders a 1/4 inch too narrow. I had enough yellow left for one and a half blocks. I needed 2 more.
I ran to the quilt shop and of course they were out of my yellow. They had another fabric so I decided to just have one extraordinary yellow block in the quilt. :)

Brought it home, bounced the idea off my daughter and she vetoed. I decided against stitching scraps together to make the rest of the block and instead made 4 blocks with the new yellow and took out 2 of the old yellow blocks.

Now I am chain piecing borders and I might even have a flimsy by next week!  It feels like a weight has been lifted now that this quilt is moving forward with real momentum. I might even get it to the baby before she turns one at the end of March.

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