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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Applique practice

I picked up a cute mug rug kit at the local quilt shop in November. I got it to make as a birthday gift, but ended up not having time to make it, so yesterday I made it for myself.

 It was quick and fun, once I figured out the applique order and chose an applique method. (Thank you Google and MIL!) The extent of the instructions for this kit were: "Your background fabric has been quilted... Sewwww all you need to do is add the applique, french knot for the bird's eye and place a button on the wing. Bind your mug rug and you're done!" The kit came with  ribbon and a piece of rickrack as well. Not sure what those were for. I took a photo of the sample at the suggestion of the shop clerk and those items were not on it. So I guess I got a bonus! :)

*Note for kit/pattern makers. It is my opinion that instructions should assume you know little to nothing about what you are doing. In fact, I think beginners pick up kits like these more often than experienced sewers. So even brief step by step instructions or tips would have been very much appreciated.  I summed up my process in 10 steps when I was done on the pattern sheet. Not too tough and now I know what to do next time.

 My applique is improving. I had some trouble with my Wonder Under. It did not want to stay on the fabric. I had to do the branch 2 times because when I peeled the backing paper off, the Wonder Under peeled off with it and also shredded the edges of the piece.

After listening to a recent podcast on mini quilts, I used MamaCJT's tips on using single fold binding to bind the quilt.

  I am not sure how big mug rugs run, but this seems a tad large for that category. It is closer to place mat size. It is now hanging on my wall with clips recommended by another podcaster (or 2) .


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  1. WOW! Very cute. Your french know is wonderful. You did a great job. AND you do sewwww well at teaching techniques to yourself.