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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

2 New Bags

In December I made two bags as gifts. One of them was a small messenger type bag and the other was another Zoe Messenger bag.

Sariah's bag

The smaller bag I made for a long-time friend who I had not seen in person in 9 years. While she lives in another state, her parents live near us and since she was coming to visit them for the holidays, we were finally able to meet up and catch up. I wanted to give her something special, as well as useful, so I found a bag pattern that I could make using some fun fabric I won a while back.

I made the whole thing all the way to the last step (topstitch) and it looked really funky. The flap was too small for the bag and it looked terrible. I had stitched from about 7:30 or 8 pm until after midnight. Problem #1 was I should not sew when I am tired. I went to bed really upset about it and woke up realizing the mistake I had made was assembling the bag with a too small seam allowance. I had 3 choices, live with it and gift it as is, live with it and stick in the closet or disassemble it all and put it back together correctly. I had about an hour to finish it, so I ripped it apart and reassembled it. Thankfully, she was running late so I was given a little more time to finish it. I was much happier with it and gave it to her. She seemed happy with it so it was worth the time.
I added custom pockets to it, because I love pockets. :) I need to re-size them for next time I make this bag though. The edges ended up really close to/in the seam allowance.

Interior pockets

Bag number 2 has been on my mind for a few months. I have a friend who loved my first Zoe bag and wanted one. I told her I would be happy to make one, just bring me the fabric and I would do it.

Black and White and Grape Zoe

Then later, it seemed like she was going through a rough patch and I decided to gift it instead. I messaged her husband for color ideas and started the fabric hunt. I looked and looked and could not find anything that looked like something she would like. I wanted to get the bag done, but I didn't want to settle on just any old fabric. Since we were going to Texas for the holidays, I knew I could look at at least 3 quilt shops there, plus look at Hobby Lobby.
I had success at the first shop! (The super fabulous Quilt Asylum in McKinney).
My daughter helped me tremendously in choosing just the right combination and it really turned out great. I almost wanted to keep it for myself. :)

Exterior pocket

Cute little Hedgies as a surprise inside.
 I gifted it Sunday and she liked it. Yay!


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  1. Love it, Love it, Love it! Wish I had the talents of you and your daughter. Love your photography as well.