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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Gift Card Holders for Christmas

I am giving a lot of gift cards this year as gifts, for 2 reasons. One is that my daughter's band has a purchasing program for them that fund-raises for her. Free money in other words. Buy a gift card, get x% deposited in the account. If I am going to eat at Chili's I might as well get a kickback right? :)

 The other reason is that they are easy to mail.
At least normally they are. Until you go all creative and paper-crafty and stuff.
But I saw these cute candy bar/gift card holders and just had to step up my gifting plan for a few of them.

 I started with a tutorial/template from here. for the card holder. Fairly straightforward, although my ability to cut on the lines with scissors was seriously challenged. I did shortcut after I made the first one, by measuring the straight sides and cutting the papers to size first then trimming the curves. (Measurements for holder are 4" x 6.75", with score marks at 4.25" and 1.5". Large flap is 3.75" x 2.25" and small flap is 3.75" x 1.25".) She used ribbon to close hers, while I made a paper band that slid over the flap. (Paper Bands: 0.5" x 9.5")

Then I made the candy bar from a tutorial I found in my computer archives from my Stampin' Up Days. I think it is by Mary Brown who blogs at http://stampercamper.com/create-with-connie-and-mary/, but I am not 100% sure since my archived tutorial is from 2007!

Basically though, you just measure the edges of the candy bar (feel the edges inside the wrapper) to see how wide to cut the paper, then wrap the paper around, cut off the excess and stick down the edges with glue dots. Decorate however you like. Slide a ribbon that is twice the length of the candy bar, plus enough to tie how you want. Slide the ribbon under the paper and pull the end out the other side. Then put the gift card in it's cute little holder, without the paper band that holds it closed, put the ribbon under the flap, then slide the band up from the bottom to cover the flap and keep it shut. Tie the ribbon and you are all set.

Here are my paper cover measurements for the candy bars I used:
7 oz Hershey Bar: 7.5" x 11"
4.25 oz Reese's Peanut Butter Bar: 5.75" x 8.25"
4.25 oz Hershey's Special Dark: 7" x 8.5"

I mailed them in a plastic bubble wrap type envelope, with stiff cardboard scraps down the front and back to (hopefully) keep them from breaking too much.

Merry Christmas to you!


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  1. I would never have thought to make paper card holders. Very nice! I have seen fabric sleeve ones for candy bars - but yours are super cute with paper!
    Love love love the polka dots! :)