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Friday, October 25, 2013

2 in a row!

Here are a few things I have finished over the last couple of months.

I made some burp cloths and a diaper clutch for a friend having a baby.
I can't believe it but I did not photograph the clutch. I think it was purple. Maybe.
Here are the burp cloths. I loved that fabric! So cute!

 Then I made a clothespin holder for my friend's Clothesline. I saw that she was using a plastic grocery sack, and remembered this cute pattern I had seen at my LQS.
It took a while since my kids' schedules were ramping up and the pattern had some small pieces to make. I had to fudge a couple of things because either A: the step didn't make sense in the pattern or B: my fabric didn't fit the pattern because of the way I wanted it turned.

I also won a t-shirt quilt making kit with a ruler, interfacing and press cloth from Happy Quilting and June Tailor. It was kind of cool because I hadn't really intended to enter the giveaway. In fact I didn't even realize it was a giveaway until I saw how many comments there were. I was just stoked that there was a great new tutorial out there, since I have a bunch of t-shirts collected to make quilts for my kids with. I also had one t-shirt saved to make a special quilt with to donate to a charity auction. As soon as the kit arrived I pulled out that single shirt and prepped it for the quilt. The ruler worked really well.
I will have to post those photos later.

I spent some time organizing and condensing my daughter's puzzles and will hopefully get a post on that sometime soon as well.

I have fabric for the baby quilt that has been on my to-do list since January. I have the quilt designed. I just need to do some math so I can start cutting.

I have another bag planned for a friend but need to get some likes/dislikes info from her spouse.

And that is if I have free time. :) Right now I am stealing time from laundry, dishes, vacuuming and Halloween costumes to do a brain dump here.

Here is a little sample schedule of my day. It changes a little every day, depending on band, scouts, preschool and church. This was Tuesday this week.

5:50 Take to school
Take to school
8:10 Take to school 
8:50 Take to school
11:20 Pick up from school
1:45 Pick up from school
3:40 Pick up from school
4:10 Take to tennis *this was a makeup for a rain out
5:20 Pick up from tennis
6:45 Take to Scouts/YW
8:00 Pick up from

Obviously this is just my travels and does not include grocery shopping, making meals, or cleaning anything.  I drive around 200-250 miles during the week just doing that schedule. That little space of time between 9 when I drop off 11:30 when I pick up is my "free" time, most days. I am usually making bread and paying bills on those days. My kids get one outside activity to participate in if they choose to keep things somewhere in the ballpark of sane.  We have Band and Tennis going at the moment. Scouts is part of church so it doesn't count.
We are enjoying marching band but are very much looking forward to the end of the season.

And so that is what I have been up to in the last few months. I will try to get the bunting tutorial finished soon and posted.

I hope you all have a happy crafty week!


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