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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Pattern Test 5: Beach Towel 2

The latest pattern test for Erin at Schlosser Designs was a poolside lounge chair towel (pattern is called Beach Towel 2). It has a pocket on the top back to hold it on the chair, pockets on the sides to hold books, keys, phones etc. and folds up and ties shut to carry like a bag. One of the pockets is open and one shuts with hook and loop tape.
Once again, I found the pattern easy to follow with great diagrams and clear instructions. I made this in just a few hours.
 I think I would get a beach towel to use next time. I went with a bath towel for mine because I wanted more color and quality options. This one is super soft. But, my towel was 2 inches shorter than the one the pattern calls for, and as you can see our poolside lounge chairs have a very tall back which took up a lot of the towel so there isn't much left to sit on. Also, because our chairs have arms, the pockets are kind of awkward to use. With a longer towel, I would move them down a bit and customize for these chairs.

I think I subconsciously did not take a photo of the flower applique, as it was a really shoddy job. I did it in backwards order by accident for starters and then had massive trouble rounding the curves. Something to work on! :)
Looks good from afar though! And my head will be hiding it most of the time anyway.

So overall a great and useful pattern for me and I recommend picking one up!

You can find all Erin's patterns here: http://store.schlosserdesigns.com/


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