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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Wedding Gift

We have a wedding reception to attend this week and I asked my husband what we should give the young couple.
 Options were:
 A: Our usual game night package, which is a large plastic bowl, 4 small plastic bowls, 4 plastic cups, a game (usually Rack-O), a box of microwave popcorn and a tub of KoolAid mix.
B: A set of Stay Put Kitchen Towels. I was torn because I know this family is super into playing games as a family. But my husband picked the towels. So darn it! I had to shop for fabric ;) LOL

Honestly, we only know the parents, not either of the newlyweds. Their registry was no help with colors at all. So I got  fabrics that I thought would be fun cheerful kitchen accessories.(I think I am actually going to stock up on these fabrics and make some sets of 2 towels and 2 hot pads for future gifts, because I LOVE them! Especially that Marigold polka-dot. It is a really awesome yellow in person.)

I am also making a little card with a "how to use" tutorial.  Mostly because everyone I have given these to were puzzled about what they were and how to use them at first.

Here are the towels before ribbons were added. (They lay much better without the ribbons for photos.)

Stay Put Kitchen Towel (A "how to use" tutorial)

With smaller fabric strip on top,
tie the two ribbons on one side of the towel around the handle of the oven.

Then tie the two ribbons on the other side of the towel around the handle of the oven.

The smaller strip of fabric should be in the back. These towels can be used in bathrooms as well.



  1. I love mine! <3 Anyone would be lucky to have them - I love homemade gifts, and always think others do as well. The fabrics are super cute also.

  2. A very thoughtful wedding gift and beautiful too!

  3. A very thoughtful wedding gift and beautiful too!

  4. Do you have a tutorial? These are lovely.

    1. The tutorial I used is linked in the post, but for ease, here you go.

  5. http://pin-sew-press.blogspot.com/2010/05/tutorial-stay-put-kitchen-towel.html