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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Another pattern test and a pillowcase

Does anyone else get tired of thinking of post titles? Mine have been pretty boring lately. :)

I did another pattern test for Schlosser Designs. This one was a Sewing Machine Apron.

The pattern was great. Just one part when I was not sure what the instructions meant and Erin was quick to clarify. That is why she has testers! LOL

I did manage to stall myself during cutting when I went to cut the second fabrics and discovered when I was buying fabric I had skipped one. LOL Oops! I had to scrounge my stash and make it work. I also used some broadcloth in the project because it was the only fabric in the store that even remotely coordinated. I went to a store that has remnants and discounted fabrics. (I got the floral Michael Miller fabric for 2.98 a yard!) But because of that, their selection is really random.
I (and my machine) don't like broadcloth. It puckered and the iron sort of dragged on it and it stretched so I starched the heck out of it. Not fun. The white is broadcloth too, from ages ago when I was going to make a slip to go under my daughter's blessing dress. I never made it so I used it in this.

There is special fabric on the back to prevent it sliding off the table. Lots of pockets for "stuff" too.  It took me about 3 hours, not including cutting, to make it.

The thread bag is attached with Velcro for easy dumping and it has ties to keep it rolled for storage if you are like me and have to clean up your stuff after every sewing session.

You can get the PDF pattern at http://store.schlosserdesigns.com/product/sewing-machine-apron
And the Print pattern at http://store.schlosserdesigns.com/product/sewing-machine-apron-print-version

The other thing I made this week was an impromptu pillowcase for Littlest Miss.

We were at Target and she saw a throw pillow that had strips of fabric sewn down across it; really cute. She looked and it and said, " Mom, look a stripey pillow! You can make me one!"
That felt pretty awesome! Not: "You can buy this for me", but "You can make me one". Love it! So of course when we got home, she was gung ho to make the pillow. At first I was going to just duplicate the throw pillow, but then I thought that it would be more useful to just make another pillowcase and since her only criteria was that it be stripey, well, I was free to do whatever.

I had some scraps left from teaching the Personal Progress Folders (that I could have sworn I posted about but now can't find the post). I used the measurements from the last time I made the mini pillowcases except I took off some of the width of the band, which I should not have done, because the pillow sticks out. :) Oh well.

I just sewed the strips together and then used that new fabric to make the case. She loves it, so that is good! Personally I would not want to have my face laying on so many seams but she doesn't seem to be bothered.


  1. Cute pillowcase! How fun she asked you to make it, rather than buying it!!!

    The thread catcher is nice also. I like all the pockets to store things.

  2. Love the sewing machine mat I have to make myself one of those!
    Love the stripey pillowcase too its lovely when your kids jump to make not buy isn't it.