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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Sewing day

The other day I had a request from Littlest Miss to make her aprons from the tea towels I had purchased. I also had a request from my friend to test another pattern.
So Tuesday became a sewing day.

I knocked out the aprons in no time. I love the strawberry one! Target Dollar Spot my friends! I wish it was big enough for me! 

I mis-cut the rainbow one so the ties are a little high. I think I can just put a new ribbon on the neck to drop it  down to her waist.


No, I will not be letting her carry my rotary cutter in the apron pocket. I just grabbed the nearest object to stick in there.


I added a pocket to the rainbow one with the part cut off the top. I just put the pieces right sides together with the hems and sides lined up, stitched a 1/4" seam across the raw edge, folded it up on the seam and pressed it then stitched up the sides and center. Easy!

Next came the Garden Clutch pattern for Schlosser Designs.

Cherry Chocolate Garden Clutch

As usual the pattern was awesome. I only had some trouble when my lining pieces were smaller than the outside pieces thanks to shrinkage from the fleece. It left no room at the ends for the zipper tabs. I fudged and seam ripped and fudged some more and made it work, but If you look closely you can see the problem spots and it makes the top band collapse on itself a bit. :P
I probably would have been fine had I used the recommended supplies. But I have no money, and also did not want to travel to Joann's to get the right fleece. I actually used pieces of fleece, puzzled together.
I really love that cherry fabric and I will still be using my clutch even though it is a little off. :)

When she gets the pattern listed in her shop I will update to post the link here. In the meantime, you can peruse her current patterns here: http://store.schlosserdesigns.com/

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  1. Cute! I love that little strawberry apron too! So precious!