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Saturday, March 16, 2013

March Along: Week 2 report

Week 2 of the March Along went fairly well.
Saturday or Sunday, no sewing stuff(that I could remember by Monday).

Monday I finished the last of the St. Patty's towels to deliver Tuesday. 

Tuesday I just flat out forgot about doing anything sewing related. Around noon I got a phone call from the Middle School nurse telling me my daughter had injured her arm in P.E. and could I come get her. About 3 hours later she had visited with the doctor, been x-rayed, and saw the doctor again. No fracture, probably just a strained tendon.
We hurried home to meet my boys from the bus, who had beat us home by about 5 minutes, and did the usual after school chaos of homework, chores, dinner then scouts and a Young Women activity at church. Then I took my daughter to try and find a sling, as she was supposed to keep her arm elevated for a week. (She was using a handkerchief.) No luck. By 9:00 I was exhausted and we vegged out on the couch and watched Skyfall.(Awesome!!)

Wednesday I spent some time attempting a quilt design for the 3rd baby quilt. (I have not, until today, been able to find a pattern that fit what I needed. I found one today that I liked enough to get as well as some more fabric. I could not get the fabrics I had to work in any quilt. I had too many with a white background.) I pulled out my graph paper notebook and crayons and went to town coloring and sketching. So fun! I wont be using the sketches this time around but I will be using them eventually.

Thursday I spent more time searching for the perfect pattern. Narrowed it to 2 possibilities but both would require more/different fabric. 

Friday I hung out with my sister in law and finished ripping out the quilting on her quilt. YAY!
I can now move on to the new quilting. I bought some basting spray to try so I hope it goes better this time around.

Saturday (today) I chatted with my husband about my frustrations with the quilt pattern and we discussed fabric shopping, which we did successfully. Then later I cut about 75% of the pieces for the quilt.

Now off for some movie time with my man!



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  1. Wow, I can't believe you were able to sew at all with that crazy week. I just want to say, the Derby Day Desserts are adorable. Have a good week.