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Friday, March 15, 2013

A little of my home life: Cub scouts

Last night J had his first Blue and Gold Banquet which was combined with the Pinewood Derby. He was finally awarded his Bobcat that he earned back in December as well as his hiking and tennis belt loops. It was a lot of fun. For dinner they served enormous pizzas (probably at least 30 inches), with salad and lemonade. For dessert they had Car/Driving themed treats: cupcakes and peanut butter bars decorated with MnM stop lights, and little candy bars with teddy graham drivers and MnM wheels.)

Text reads:
J had his first pinewood derby.
He named his car razor after the dog we used to have and the scooter brand.
He won 2 races and took second in one race which gave him second place overall.

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  1. Cute! My boys did Cub Scouts, and now do Boy Scouts. The Pinewood Derby was probably their favorite part of Cub Scouts!