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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Toddler Tea Towel Apron

I found some cute towels in the dollar spot at Target ($3.00 for 2) during Valentines Day, and decided it was a great time to graduate my daughter from bibs to aprons.

I had a toddler sized apron that I bought a couple of years ago at Target and used that for a template. I just folded both the towel and the apron in half, matched up the bottom seams and the folds (the towel was narrower than the apron) and then trimmed the top at 1/2 inch above the apron to make the allowance for the hem.

I hemmed the top, sewed ribbon and hook and loop tape on and ta-da! Toddler apron!
I have one more to make so I may take photos and post a real tutorial, but it really is simple.

I used hook and loop tape at the neck ribbon, since I like it better than putting it over her head. Just sew one side and put hook and loop tape on the other of both the apron and ribbon.




  1. WOW! YOU are so clever and have such a creative eye. We are both looking at your pictures and commenting on your genius.

  2. ADORABLE! Almost makes me want to have a girl LOL! How clever! I may have to steal this idea for my nieces, although only one of them is young enough to wear it!

  3. Your instructions are fabulous.