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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

More sewing stuff

My sister received her Infinity scarves in the mail, so I am free to post the photos now. I say scarves, plural, because I made one for her as well, which was a surprise for her. So I had to keep it to one scarf when I talked about it/them before. :)

Her friend likes frogs and while my sister may have been thinking fun or cutesy frogs, I immediately thought of Tula Pink's Prince Charming fabric. I tracked some down, emailed her a pic and got the okay to proceed. It turned out really cute and her friend liked it.
For my sister, I used Nest by Valorie Wells. (I love that line.) My sister had said she liked turquoise, although, when it came, it was pretty light for turquoise, even the darker leaves. But she still liked it even though it wasn't a true turquoise color.

I have also been working on that girl baby quilt. I finished the top and am trying to get it quilted today. I have less than a week now to finish it. I got super lucky at the quilt shop when I found a pretty pink fabric for the backing in the clearance section, 40% off, and there was just enough on the bolt for what I needed. I will show a photo of the back when I get it quilted.

I have to say that I love the fabric line, love the fabrics especially the pink tone on tone. Every time it came up on deck to sew I would get a little giddy. :)
But, I should not have used the green. I really didn't have any other options to get enough blocks using what I had on hand. My daughter and I re-arranged the blocks over and over and there really was no good way to get a balanced look. I also had trouble getting over the bulk at the places where the white met the setting triangles. They are pretty bad. Don't look too closely. Definitely an area that I need to work on. :)
The photo looks really green to me. I will take a photo of the finished quilt outdoors to get a photo with truer colors.

Have a great day!


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  1. You're such a nice sister! Love that Tula Pink scarf :)