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Thursday, February 21, 2013

More Paper Piecing

My Facebook quilting group is doing the paper piecing block from Crafty Gemini, the same one I tried a while back.
After doing it again, I remembered I wanted to try a different order in the piecing to see if it would be easier to line up. The bottom part has different seams when pieced in the order on the tutorial video.

Block #1: The right side goes on first then the bottom (yellow) then the left side.

 I made the blocks again, and sure enough, the seams now looked the same and were easier to match up. I like to think it made a difference in my accuracy. :)

 Block #2: The bottom (green) goes on first, then the right side and last the left side. 

These blocks will become hot pads/trivets with some Insulbrite batting.

 They are still not as accurate as I keep hearing paper piecing is supposed to be. It must be me. Or maybe my foot is not accurate anymore. The individual blocks are fine, but when I put them together, not so much.
Someday I will try a different block and see how that goes. For now I still have a to-do list too long for much play and experiment quilting. I think March will be play time.


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