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Friday, February 22, 2013

Laura Tote is done!

My sassy girl aka Laura Tote is finished!

I spent most of the day quilting it and getting it put together. The pattern was awesome! Clear instructions and good diagrams. The only problem I had was when I unknowingly lost the last page and couldn't figure out where it said how big to cut my base insert. Yeah, the last page. :) Found it though and got 'er done.

Cute scarf girl!

Roomy pockets

The back

A little size reference. Littlest Miss can just about fit inside. :)

Lounging by the pool

I added extra pockets for pens, keys and cell phone.

 You can purchase the pattern as well as other fun ones at SchlosserDesigns.com

I am linking up to Show and Tell Tuesday at Fresh Squeeezed Fabrics.



  1. what an adorable pattern! Nice work

  2. Thanks a million for testing it Amy! I love the extra pockets you added too!

  3. Adorable. It's amazing what you do with that little machine.

  4. Oh my goodness! This bag is just wonderful. Seriously cute!

  5. It looks lovely. Funny how it didn't look so big until you put it with the little cutie. =)