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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

Yesterday was littlest miss's Valentine party at playgroup. She didn't have anything festive to wear, so I grabbed a shirt that she wears under tank dresses, because it has a stain and is almost too small. I traced a heart onto Pellon with a cookie cutter that I conveniently had left out, ironed it to some fabric and slapped in on the shirt. My machine was already set up for FMQ so I just scribbled some stitching around it to secure it.
 (Side note: turns out yesterday I had been FMQ-ing with the feed dogs up! No wonder it was so hard to maneuver!)

She loved it it took about 10 minutes or less and now I can pass the shirt on, since the stain is more or less hidden by the heart. (I thought I had it all covered, but nope. Not quite. :) . Oh well.)

Hope your Valentine's Day is Wonderful!


My 3 year old made her own Valentines with a little cutting and folding help from me.
She did great stamping, gluing, and assembling them. They have a little candy watch or bracelet inside.


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