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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Baby girl quilt finished

Pattern is Crisscross by Fresh Cut Quilts Pattern Co. Fabric is Tidbits by Fresh Cut Quilts Pattern Co. and Kona Snow.

I finished the girl baby quilt last night and got some photos this morning. This one will be gifted tomorrow. There were supposed to be 3 quilts being gifted at the luncheon, but the boy quilt only made it as far as piecing the top. The recipient does know she is getting it now though, because I brought it to her first shower yesterday to give to her. Then I took it back. :)
It is for my brother and sister in law, who I see frequently, so I knew I could get it to them easily. I pushed the baby girl quilt to the front of the line, since I rarely see the recipient. The surprise baby quilt's fabric has not even arrived yet, so that friend is getting an IOU. :)

I tried a couple of new things on the quilt. The first was Fusiboo Batting. (It is pricey but on sale at Joann's it was about $13 for a 60x60 packaged piece.)

It was awesome! NO BASTING! Well, you have to iron the layers together, but that was a breeze. I did have to re-iron one time when it started to come apart in a couple of places, but overall it was great to work with. It washed up nicely too.

The second thing I tried was Quilting Made Easy: Stipples Made Easy, the larger size stipple. My mother in law gave this to me a while back and I finally remembered to use it!

 It is a roll of printed paper with adhesive strips on the top and bottom.

You apply it to the quilt, one row at a time, and follow the dotted line.

 I still have issues with my FMQ, keeping my stitches the same length, but since I didn't have to think about where to go, I did a little bit better. It is still very amateur-ish , but it got the job done.

Here I applied the paper wrong so when I quilted I went into the "no-no zone". Oops! I thought I was supposed to match up the dotted lines one on top of the other. Nope. Match edge of paper to dotted line on the other paper.  Yeah, I broke a needle thanks to that mistake. After that I also switched to a universal 80/120 needle.

As I quilted, I used my Wonder Clips (another gift from MIL and also Missouri Star Quilt Co. daily deal) to hold the layers of the quilt. I accordion folded it which worked better with the paper than rolling. The clips held the layers.

Sorry about the out of focus photo. This is 2 folds I think, 3 paper strips quilted, and one ready to quilt.

 Then came the ripping off of the paper. Not such a fun job, especially with my inconsistent stitches. I had to be really careful not to pull those big stitches out, and the paper got stuck in the tiny ones.

 One row's worth of paper.

Below is how long it took me to take all the paper off. The laps are the rows. One lap is not shown. I had 5 rows. Yes I am a nerd. :)

 All quilted and no more paper. (Mostly)

 I LOVE the backing. I found it on the clearance shelf at Fat Quarters Quilt Shop in Vista. It was perfect! They had just enough to fit the quilt too. It was meant to be. :) (Fabric is from Hello Betty by Chloe's Closet for Moda) When I laid out the quilt on the backing for fitting, I was sad I didn't have more of it because a border with it would have really looked amazing.

Still not great at machine binding, but getting better. I am going to try binding with 2 1/8" in stead of 1 1/4" strips and see if that cuts back on how much edge there is on the back. The binding fabric was pretty cute too. Polka Dots AND Stripes! Sweet! (My selvedge did not have any info on it. Boo!)

This week I will be quilting the Laura Tote and the baby boy quilt and hopefully making an apron for littlest miss.

Have a great week!



  1. Love the fabrics - it really is a lovely quilt, and the stippling looks nice. I haven't heard of those papers before.

    I wanted to try fusible batting but was worried it was only fusible on one side - so both sides are fusible, or do you think it depends on the brand??

    As always, thanks for sharing. Love reading your adventures :)

  2. Your binding looks great to me! That look of stripes in the binding is always so striking. Very cute!!

  3. It's gorgeous. I know they're going to love it! And thanks for the tip on the stippling paper. I never knew that existed. I might have to try it to help get me more comfortable with free-motion.

  4. It's gorgeous. I know they're going to love it! And thanks for the tip on the stippling paper. I never knew that existed. I might have to try it to help get me more comfortable with free-motion.

  5. Beautiful Amy, You get better and better each time. I don't know what the dimensions are for a machine stitched binding. I use a 2" to 2 1/2" strip for my binding, but I stitch it on to the front and hand tack it down.
    Machine binding is sturdier. I just can't make mine look as good as yours.