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Thursday, January 24, 2013

The year of the UFO

This year I am going to clean up the pile of UFOs that is cluttering my life. Check it out.

 That is kind of a crazy pile of things that need to be finished.

These have been waiting to be started.
To Start:
Beach Blanket
Come What May
Crayons Box
Jolly Holiday pillow
Sewing Machine Cover
Teal and Brown Sleepytime baby 2
T-Shirt gift quilt

These have actual sewing done on them but have a fair amount of work that needs to be completed.
Finish Piecing:
Alford BOM
Baby Quilt
Doll Quilts
Hot Wheels
Lavender Sampler
Tree Skirt quilt

And these are projects ready for quilting (though there are a couple that need backing).
 To Quilt:
Candy Land
Christmas Table Topper
Log Cabin Topper
Neutral Mediterranean
Sliced Coins
Spools Table Runner
Very Hungry Caterpillar

 And of course these lists do not include current WIPs (except the baby quilt). I have a couple of scarves to make, blocks for a Facebook group I am in, Personal Progress Book kits to prep (no sewing though) and patterns I am testing for a friend.

It was a little exhausting gathering these all up and documenting them. But it feels so good now that I am  more organized and know what I have on my plate.

What dusty UFOs do you have hiding in your closet? :)


  1. Wow! I'm not nearly as organized as you! I think last year was my big UFO year. I'm down to only 4 or 5 :-). If I can do it, you can too LOL!

  2. Oh, I'm so glad I'm not the only one! I have so many UFO's it is absolutely ridiculous! Good luck with your pile. I know you can do it!

  3. I feel much better about myself now. :) Thank you for reaffirming that I am perfectly normal. :) I love seeing all of your projects lined up and organized like that. It will be fun to see your progress on your lists!