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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Bulk food storage tip

Most of you know there are six people in my family here, which means I buy certain things in bulk. Rice, Flour, Sugars, Bisquick, Pancake Mix. Things like that.
Some of those items require instructions and since I store them in bins and don't like saving the bags and boxes, I just cut the instructions out and tape them right on the bin.

 I do also make pancakes from scratch, and one of my kids' favorites are the oatmeal pancakes. The recipe makes a ton of mix that you store in your refrigerator. So the "pancake" bin gets used for both store bought mix and for the oatmeal mix. That means that there are 3 :recipes" on the outside of that one. Boxed mix pancakes, boxed mix waffles, and oatmeal pancakes. I don't have to get my recipe files out!
I also have the other bins labeled, since once when my dad was visiting, he made chocolate chip cookies with bread flour or cake flour (I forget which) by mistake. The cookies were very different. :) They tasted fine, just had a different texture. After that little "oops" I labeled all my bins.


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