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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

WIP Wednesday November, 11 2012 - lots of ripping

 I set a goal in October to spend the month working on and hopefully finishing some UFOs. I did finish one, and worked on one or two others.  I am continuing the goal into November. Some of the things I brought out to work on were the Hot Wheels mis-quilt, the Very Hungry Caterpillar quilt, the advent calendar, the toddler dress and shirt make-over and trying to finish up one of the Beginners quilt along quilts to give as a Christmas gift.

Here is the BQA set of blocks partly sashed. I think the fabric (Kaffe Fassett shot cotton Granite) I chose is pulling the other fabrics together nicely. I  just need to decide on a layout so I can sash the right side.

Ah the Hot Wheels mis-quilt. :) I ended up ripping out the blocks and ripping the blocks apart from each other, but they are still whole blocks. I have played with them a bunch and still can not get them to work well, so they may get de-constructed even further. I decided to save myself the trouble of ripping the borders because I may be able to just cut what I need. So now it is a window quilt. :)

The progress on the Very Hungry Caterpillar quilt is I ripped the misaligned border off.  I need to just sit down and knock this one out. It is just borders.

The weird shirt makeover didn't happen, because it turned out that the pants were really too small to be useful, so I passed the whole outfit on to a friend, who also thought the shirt was weird. I wonder how many people it will get passed to before someone uses it. :)

The bubble dress makeover went reasonably well. Littlest Miss refused to model for the "before" shots, so we just have it laid out.


The bottom/inside of the dress.

After seam ripping and hemming the lining and outer dress.
 She wore it to church last week with no fuss, and other than wrinkling like mad it was fine. It looks WAY better this way. The funny thing was that her little friend at church was wearing a bubble dress that was actually really cute (I don't usually like the style at all.)
The difference to me was the drape. Our dress had fabric that was too stiff; it puffed out in a strange way making it look like an upside down mushroom. The other little girl's dress fabric was lightweight and silky and hung really nicely. I am glad I made this one work for us. At least I don't feel like I totally wasted my money now.

Before church, I also took off the blue ribbon dangling down. It looked like an award ribbon which kind of bugged me. Plus, it kept covering the flowers. 

 This is one project where there was no seam ripping involved. Just pressing and cutting.
After 2 years, I am finally getting back to my version of Lee's great Advent Calendar.
I got my pockets cut and pressed and replaced my fusible fleece for the 3rd time. (I kept borrowing it for other projects.)

I am linking up at Freshly Pieced. Go check out some great ongoing projects!



  1. It's always so sad to rip things apart, but sometimes it makes them better in the long run...and really, you have to be happy with the results, ultimately.
    The dress is cute, I like it better without the ribbon. Can't wait to see how you finish the layout of the Purple quilt - the blocks are all lovely.
    Cheers! :D

  2. haha! With 2 boys, I'm afraid I didn't even know what a bubble dress was, but I like your remake much better!