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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Infinity Scarf

Infinity scarves are so cute! I have pinned a few tutorials and the other day, took time to try one out. It turned out great!

Full length - about 30 inches


The tutorial was found at Kill Them With Craftiness. (*UPDATE - the blog is now private)The tutorial was well done. I had to go slow at one point and really read the directions, but over all went really smoothly.

  My scarf used 9 inch (or so) width and I pieced the 2 sides to make 60 inches, since I was using stash fabric and it was not long enough. I like the more narrow width though, since a lot of bulk sitting on my ample chest is not terribly attractive.

 My kids have now all requested flannel versions to wear to school in the chilly mornings. I spent a rather nutso amount of money yesterday buying flannel at Jo-Ann's to make them. It was painful, knowing that I could get the fabric for a third of what I paid, but I wanted them off the to-do list, so I paid the price. I will be making at least one today.


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