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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Crib Bumper Pad Makeover

My Brother-in-law and Sister-in-law are expecting their 3rd boy in March. Last week my Sister-in-law asked me to help her make over the crib bumper pads for the new baby. She sent me a tutorial link with photos of what she was looking for. It was really cute and looked pretty simple, even though the tutorial was not terribly clear.
We went fabric shopping at Jo-Ann's Friday, then spent yesterday pressing, measuring, cutting and sewing. It really was easy, once we figured out that all the sections of the bumper measured a little bit different. Once the sections are pieced, just sew them into a big tube, leave the center section open on one side (this was my Sister-in-law's brilliant idea, rather than use the end and have a long tedious stuffing session) pin the ties in place and sew it up. Put the old bumper minus the ties inside, match up the old seams with the new ones and pin to secure them. Then stitch the opening shut. Then she secured each section with a little bit of stitching in the center of each seam to keep it from twisting in the wash. I think it turned out fantastic and she did a great job! (She claims to be bad at sewing but she did fine.)

Here are the before and after photos.
(Sorry about the weird colors in the after shots. We had daylight for the before shots, but after dark, the lights in my house give everything a yellow cast.)

Crib Bumper Before

Crib Bumper After



  1. Love the after!!! What pretty fabrics. How nice to remake this crib bumper! I'd have never thought of it.

  2. SUCH cute fabric for the after. love.