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Friday, November 16, 2012

Again with the scarves

I told you I like them! And there are more to come since I am doing them for Christmas gifts. I spent a not small chunk of change on fabulous fabric today. No Jo-Anns this time either. This was Fat Quarters Quilt Shop all the way. I did get 4 free fat quarters out of the deal, but it didn't really ease the ouch at the register.
Anyway, those will be appearing throughout the week. For now, here are the other 3 yahoos' warm scarves for our cold (HA!) mornings in Southern California. (We really do get chilly.)

These are for the boys. I bought 2 yards of 42 wide flannel (in all 2 prints) and got 2 scarves with some fabric to spare. (I should measure how much is left.) One was cut 10" x 54" for the older boy, and the other is cut 8" x 50" for the younger one. It was both a fit solution and a "Hey that's my scarf!!", "NO it's mine!!" solution.

Here is my oldest's scarf. I also did hers 54 inches long, but cut hers to 8 inches wide, since she doesn't like too much bulk. She tried it on and wanted it shorter so it would sit right up against her neck. I will probably take this one for me and make her another 50" one or smaller.  I liked this print, but as flannel goes it is pretty flat and short on fluff and softness. It almost could pass for plain cotton.

I tried a couple of different things with the tutorial on these, one being only leaving one turning hole. The tutorial leaves 2 holes to stitch up once the scarf is turned. So on one, when I stitched the short ends together, I also stitched the side seam on one side so I would only have to close one hole at the end. I also figured out to press the seam allowance down before I turned it right side out so it would be easier to close.
My next tweak will be to sew one seam all the way from top to bottom, leaving only one turning hole from the very start.
 I can see why she would do both sides to start though. I would have been more lost I think doing the sides differently, but I don't think it is necessary for the process.
We shall see!


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