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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Not much happening here.

I have been busy and sick this last week which equals no crafting or sewing time.
But the last few weeks we have had 2 birthdays so I made each of the boys a drawstring bag to use to carry their new Nerf darts in. The night before their birthday, I left a cupcake, a big card I made on the computer and the bag with one of their favorite snacks in it at their place on the table to find in the morning. We did a double celebration with 2 cakes and the gifts (Nerf Guns) at the beginning of the month.

And then also made my husband a large drawstring bag to carry his change of clothes to work in on the back of his bike. He chose this purple fabric at a local discount fabric store. Yep. (Sorry about the blurry photo.)

 I also received in the last 2 weeks, my *Picture-Perfect* Polaroid blocks and they are so fun! I love the ones I got and even got one from my "wish list", the bottle cap with the crab.

 I also received a prize from the weekly drawing of finished blocks at the Beginner's Quilt along, a charm pack of  Ten Little Things.

 I have plans to work on some UFOs that are hanging out in the garage storage and finish up my BQA blocks over the next couple of weeks.

 Texas In-Spur-Ation quilt will be going to a new home. Gene Black put out a call for quilts for a teen shelter near him, and while I love this quilt and had made it for myself, there are so many more quilts waiting in the wings that I can claim for my own, that I decided it would be better to send this one to someone who needs it more.
As soon as I find a box, it will be off to Alabama. :)

My running is going fairly well considering my running buddy, my 8th grade daughter, abandoned me. She was struggling to get up early enough to run and not be exhausted at school so I let her off the hook. Now it is just me and my podcast buddies and some audio books. I can now run about 2 miles or for about 28-30 minutes. It is amazing to me. I have also lost 9 pounds. Yay!

That's all for now!
 Have a great day!


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  1. Congrats on the running and weight loss! Any plans for the polaroids? Love mine too!