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Thursday, August 2, 2012

What size?

Ever wonder, when you are perusing new quilt patterns and see that size "60 x 80 inches", what that translates to when you put the quilt on a bed? The Quilt Asylum just shared a helpful picture today on their blog to help you out!

Click the button to visit the link!

 In other news I am busy, busy, busy, trying to create a notebook and crayon folder for a toddler. It is coming along. I am in round 3. I have until Friday night to get it right and then it's too late. For the birthday party at least. :)




  1. thanks for the link...! good luck with your notebook/crayon holder!!! :) ~karen

  2. good luck on the deadline, i usually finish in the nick of time!! I was just looking at two quilts that i made for my bed and wondering how i got the sizes SO different! lol