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Monday, August 6, 2012

Crayon coloring folio rounds 1-4

So, I told you all that I was working on creating a crayon/notebook holder for a toddler birthday and still had some tweaking to do. Well, I got it done and it works for the most part. Littlest Miss took the round 3 trial one to church and it kept her occupied for quite a while.
She had a little trouble getting crayons back in those snug pockets. And, the crayon side curls up and looks quite unattractive. So, I just have one or two adjustments to make to the pattern.
1 - to get the crayon area to lay flat
2- Make it easier to get crayons in and out.

 I have some ideas, such as make the crayon pockets a little larger (which means the whole thing will have to be larger) and/or insert a piece of cardboard or the like in a pocket behind the crayons. I may also need to use a stiffer interfacing. Anyway, I got one done for the birthday party and gave it to her even though I wasn't entirely happy with the end result. It fit perfectly in the little bag I made though!

See the curling action? :P

Not terribly attractive, but it works.

And of course, today on The Crafting Chicks Blog they posted something similar that would have been great to have a week ago! LOL. I made mine for the larger crayons and smaller notebook, but still... :)


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